From Safari Cup Sleeves to Spunky Safari Seating

 - Aug 1, 2013
The elephant is one of the most beloved animals in the world, delighting people of all ages with its shockingly large memory, compassion, and intelligence; these elephant products demonstrate just how much the elephant has affected popular culture.

Everything from endangered animal ads to graphic tees have featured the elephant at some point, its dexterous trunk inciting a ton of interest in people all over the world. A group of ads were just been released, depicting fallen elephants after having been killed by poachers. Unfortunately, elephants are highly endangered, since their ivory tusks are in demand in black markets around the world. These ads show elephants crumbled on the ground, looking dolefully out at the viewer. Hopefully these ads will cause people to go out and fight to preserve these beautiful animals, ensuring that future generations will not wonder what elephants were like.

On a lighter note, many home furnishings and clothing have been inspired by elephants as well. For instance, eyeglass holders that look like trunks poke fun at the strange appearance of elephant trunks, while giving bespectacled elephant lovers a place to rest their glasses. Many kids' toys have also been inspired by elephants, from squishy bath time pals to cute little pajamas.

It's clear that elephants are a huge inspiration to a ton of designers. With these products, elephant fans can express their love for this majestic animal, while encouraging people to help elephants lose their endangered status.