Redmer Hoekstra Disguises People & Body Parts Amid His Renderings

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: flickr & urhajos.tumblr
These Redmer Hoekstra illustrations will certainly have viewers doing double takes. After all, it’s easy to dismiss these images as simple animal drawings on initial viewing, but stare at them for more than three seconds and you’ll realize that there are humans and human appendages artfully hidden away in these coy works of art. It’s quite astonishing to see female feet become an elephant’s tusks, a ballerina’s torso become its trunk and a full leg contorted into resembling the large beast’s ear.

Redmer Hoekstra is an illustrator currently based in Zwolle, Netherlands. His primary tools for rendering are pens and pencils, though he’ll occasionally venture into the digital realm for colored pieces. His talent for surreal image-making is on a level akin to M.C. Escher.