- Feb 19, 2015
Many millennials grew up with Dr. Seuss cartoons, and the beloved creators of this collection of whimsical stories just keep on giving. It's easy to be completely enchanted by the charming illustrations of fantastical characters––so much so that a great deal of fan art and parody designs have arisen across many media.

Plenty of copycat children's books have been influenced by the author and cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel. The car company Audi was inspired by Dr. Seuss cartoons, helping them to draw up a delightful storybook campaign. Creative caricatures, infographics, video game picture books and sketched Sci-Fi spinoffs have been created for digital and print media. You can find anything from Seuss-esque T-shirts and running shoes to even Cat in the Hat nail art and Lorax tattoos. They symbolize imagination and nostalgia.

From Seussical Sneaker Designs to Creepy Comic Illustrations: