Murray Somerville Renders Surreal Fantasy Drawings

Murray Somerville renders creepy, slightly grotesque illustrations with a child-like spontaneity. His wild imagination allows for bizarre subjects, ranging from puking punk beetles to fighting toasters. Somerville’s works incorporate muted brights, reminiscent of the Dr. Seuss children’s books. While each drawing may be disturbing, the artist’s collection is endearing and highly relatable.

Murray Somerville is a London-based student and imaginative. He spreads his career through a versatile range of fields, dabbling in editorials, comics, commercials, posters and lectures. His commissioned work for Beck’s beer has been featured on 8 million bottles. The student/artist also contributes to and creates six zones, each producing a publication every two months.

Murray Somerville’s work is creepy and childish, yet memorable and engaging for any aged quirk.