'I Know That Feel Bro' Creates Bonds Between Pop Culture Figures

'I Know That Feel Bro' by Chris Gerringer is a series of illustrations that depicts pop culture characters fist pounding each other over things they have in common. While some jump right out and are easy to understand, others may remain a mystery if one doesn't know their pop culture trivia very well.

One illustration is of Harry Potter and Batman pounding fists while looking down at the ground and crying because they both don't have parents. Another picutre shows Pac-Man and a Hungry Hippo sadly bonding over the fact that they are both addicted to dots. One really does have to feel bad for the Stormtrooper and the Koopa, who are both just expendable minions.

I Know That Feel Bro by Chris Gerringer is clever and witty because it makes connections one would have never thought of before.