From Dismembered Doll Captures to Mutant Human Hybrid Sculptures

 - Jun 2, 2013
It might seem surprising that nightmare-inducing art is so popular, but there's something about being terrified and grossed out that people love. These 68 pieces of nightmare inducing art prove that art can be disturbing but still retain its beauty.

Most of these pieces depict disfigurements through illustrations, photography and sculpture. One of the most disturbing is the grotesque animal portrait wherein animals are shown inside out with their organs perfectly detailed. Another nightmarish creation is the monstrous Victorian-inspired illustration series, which depicts small children with grotesque monsters such as giants, mutants and all things disgusting. For horror movie fans, there are film antagonist drawings which take villains like Freddy Kreuger and turn them into equally terrifying pieces of art.

Regardless of what your nightmares are made of, there will be something in these 68 nightmare inducing art pieces that will keep you from sleeping at night.