Quasilucid Renders Morbid Images in Shades of Red, White and Black

If you don’t have a strong stomach for morbid imagery, it’s probably best you skip the brilliant and disturbing work of Quasilucid. Rendering images in black, white and red hues, the San Diego-based artist illustrates some truly horrid things that are sure to give a few viewers intense nightmares. Pig-faced women with bleeding gums, nurses with bloody scalpels and self-inflicted wounds, and even Old Gods from H.P. Lovecraft lore are all staples in Quasilucid’s portfolio, so if you can’t handle those terrifying things, hit the "close" button on your web browser right now.

Since all of these Quasilucid illustrations are monochromatic with red accents, the gushing and smeared blood in each rendering has a much more potent effect. Even though I’m grossed out by images of cut jaws and cats with mummified faces, the vibrancy of Quasilucid’s use of red keeps catching my eye.