The Stanley Patzold 'Kayla’s Lips Adventure' Series is Magical

The Stanley Patzold 'Kayla’s Lips Adventure' series boldly blends luscious lips into surreal art. Created by photographer Stanley Patzold, the images seamlessly blend the shots of Kayla's lips with the surreal artworks by Mona Broschar. The collision of beauty and artwork effortlessly come together as Patzold makes magic.

The dreamy series has the plump lips surrounded by an array of magical items. The strange scenes are described by the website Fashionising as Patzold merges the lips with a landscape filled with, "cartoon candy-canes and a Dali-esque melting clock, oozing with candied goo or tasting the impossible flavour mix of grotesqueness and cuteness that manifests in slimy snails with heart-shaped shells."

The Stanley Patzold Kayla’s Lips Adventure surely does take Kayla on one wild adventure, as the photographer transforms the traditions of a beauty shoot into imaginative art.