From Blushing Babydoll Editorials to Edgy Doll-Like Editorials

 - Aug 8, 2013
The fascination surrounding porcelain dolls and Barbies continues to be something that both children and adults are drawn to, and these surreal doll-inspired looks are showcasing that these dolls are even serving to have an impact within mainstream fashion.

There's something about Barbie dolls that little girls just seem to adore. Whether it be their often fashionable wardrobe choice, long hair or perfectly proportioned body, Barbies are something that most girls often look up to and idolize. That's why these doll-inspired looks have made their way into modern day fashion, incorporating iconic aspects of dolls such as that rigid mannequin-like pose, bold makeup and bubblegum colors.

From pastel-colored clone campaigns to paper doll-like photography, these doll-inspired looks are showcasing that these traditional children's toys are serving to have a major influence within mainstream fashion lines.