The Circo Amato Series is Soft and Romantic

 - Jul 5, 2011
Although the Circo Amato photo series clearly has a circus theme (made obvious not only by the name, but also by the the props used throughout), it is as though it has been meshed with a doll theme as well. I claim this because of the doll-like expressions seen in the perfect faces of both models as well as their stiff, figurine-like poses.

Shot by photographer Tina Patni, the Circo Amato photo series owes these stunning looks to the talented Dubai-based makeup artist Gene Ginno Alducente, the stunning styles of Amato Haute Coture and the fresh 'fros and elegant updos by hair stylist Helga Bosman.

I especially like the Circo Amato photo series' creative direction, which was executed by Furne One. Soft and romantic, the colors deviate from the typically dark and rich palette associated with circuses.