From Live Mermaid Shows to Mystical Mermaid Photo Shoots

 - Oct 17, 2013
Grab your flippers and hold your breath as you dive into this fantastic collection of mermaid photo shoots, innovations, garments, accessories and more. There are so many creative ways to incorporate the beauty of the world underwater into your outfits and home decor.

The beautiful coral, blue and green colors of the ocean will make you nostalgic for summer days at the beach. The cool colors also give off a happy feeling. Using these colors in your home decor can make a significant improvement to your well being as it lowers stress levels by inspiring a relaxing mood. If sailing away with your sea goddess tail for the chilly season is out of the question, the Ripley’s Aquarium officially opens in Toronto. This exhibit will really bring back that relaxed feeling you get during the warmest days of the year.

Open your eyes to these beautiful mermaid inspired innovations, sing along with Sebastian the crab and before you know it you’ll be dancing with the mermaids in Atlantis.