The Staudinger & Franke 'Life Below the Surface' Series is Deep

The captivating Staudinger & Franke 'Life Below the Surface' series is a thrilling look at mystical underwater life. Presenting surprisingly similar to typical life, these captures are fascinatingly murky, fish-filled and beautiful.

Looking like they were taken from the sunken Titanic, the life-like photos are hauntingly gloomy. With fisherman fishing from below and women hanging their laundry to dry in the water, they are both confusing and fascinating. These pictures depict the imagination of the artists; that ballet and the gym are still a vital part of an entirely removed society is a new perspective. Often deep-sea photography would feature traditional creatures -- fictional or otherwise -- like mermaids and whales, so regular humans going about their regular business is a new take.

The schools of fish add another dimension to every photo, emphasizing their deep-sea qualities. The Staudinger & Franke 'Life Below the Surface' exhibition is captivating and watery.