- Aug 6, 2014
These shark photo series capture multiples sides to the fearsome finned sea predators, showing them off as complex sea creatures that are more than just one of the ocean's most deadly killers. With a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming Discovery Channel Shark Week and the recent release of Sharknado 2: The Second One, the Internet is in a frenzy over everything shark-related.

While watching a shark attack program during Shark Week, it is fairly common to see water tinged red from blood, but a series like 'Sharks and People' by National Geographic photographer and marine biologist Thomas Peschak helps to paint sharks in a different light, showing that they too can be vulnerable, especially since they're commonly targeted by hunters just for their fins. In addition to vicious and vulnerable shark photos, some manipulations bring a comical side to sharks, making their big toothy smiles seem much less threatening than they really are.

From Shark Selfies to Shocking Shark Photography: