Bait Ball Symphony is a Beautiful Look at a Major Natural Mystery

 - Mar 23, 2011
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Photography is by no means an easy way to earn a living, but without a doubt it gets even more complicated when you find yourself doing it at 40 to 60 meters below the ocean's surface, surrounded by some seriously fearsome predators. This was the case for Alexander Safonov as he shot Bait Ball Symphony.

Every image in Bait Ball Symphony was captured during a massive annual migration known as the Sardine Run. The Sardine Run gets its name from the fact that millions of Sardines migrate along the Wild Coast every year. Where Alexander Safonov comes into the equation, however, is his capture of the area's fearsome array of predators taking advantage of the largely unexplained phenomenon.

From menacing sharks to well-coordinated dolphins, the subjects in this incredible deep-sea photo collection makes it one that you won't want to miss.