Sharks with Lasers is a Brilliant Idea

 - May 22, 2012
References: wickedlasers & obviouswinner
In terms of publicity stunts, it doesn’t get much more diabolical than using sharks with lasers to brand a company. Yet this is just what Wicked Lasers, with a little help from TV personality Luke tipple, did. Tipple had the unenviable task of strapping a 50 megawatt laser on to the dorsal fin one of nature’s most efficient predators while Wick Lasers provided the hardware.

Fifty megawatts is not enough to cut through metal or anything so dramatic, but it can cause eye damage. In other words, the shark can stun you. Those five words are never welcome: "the shark can stun you." When it comes to sharks, most people want thick glass or miles of land between them and the fearsome fish. Yet, when it comes to publicity, apparently some people are willing to forgo cautions.