- Aug 7, 2014
The first day of school is just around the corner and these back-to-school backpacks will have people covered. Although many might not like the idea of such weight, both figuratively and literally, it is better to be prepared than to go to school with last year's ragged book bag. Not to mention that any one of these back-to-school backpacks would prove useful for the remaining days of summer. The backpack is very fashionable this year, after all.

From youthful cartoonish prints to sophisticated leather materials and even practical charging capabilities, this collection of back-to-school backpacks has every need and want covered. There is a knapsack out there with one's name on it, and not just the one a mom sews in after the fact. Whether colorful or simple, people enjoy designing this staple.

From Electro-Neon Knapsacks to Luxury Two-Tone Carriers: