These Designers Against Aids 2012 Eastpak Bags are Quirky and Bold

These Designers Against Aids 2012 Eastpak bags are quirky, imaginative and personality-filled. Featuring the work of 130 of the world’s edgiest artists, this creative collection includes over 200 recreations of Eastpaks classic Padded Pak’r.

Painters, sculptors, street artists, musicians, fashion designers and celebrities are all taking part in this bold project, creating dynamic accessories that turn heads while raising awareness to a deadly disease. A one-of-a-kind take on a classic backpack shape, these dynamically designed pieces are distinctive and expressive. The epitome of creativity, these custom creations are sold with all proceeds going to raise HIV/Aids awareness.

Fusing art and fashion, these Designers Against Aids 2012 Eastpak bags bring imaginative minds together to innovate and create wearable art pieces that bring attention to an ongoing and vital cause.