These Hershey Supply Co. Jean Knapsacks are Super Retro

 - Jul 31, 2014
References: herschelsupply & freshnessmag
For the Summer 2014 Hershey Supply Co. collection the hip bag brand released a slew of new knapsacks and duffle bags that are incredibly retro with a distinct 90s vibe. The collection features several stand-out jean pieces that come with a old-school bleached design.

Remember in the 90s when everyone wore dark blue jeans covered in tie-dye inspired bleach stains? Hershey Supply Co. is bringing this craze back with a line of backpacks that come with the same sporadic bleach pattern. The Summer 2014 cylinder-shaped duffle bags and structured zip-up backpacks come in a cobalt jean fabric that has been expertly streaked with bleach. The bleach dyes the jean white creating a swirl-like pattern across the fabric. These backpacks are great for carrying all your essentials in when you're setting off for your next adventure.