From Luxury Hiking Gear to Pink Leather Hiking Boots

 - Oct 15, 2015
When most people think of hiking gear, they picture heavy leather hiking boots, head-obscuring hoodies and lots of boring shades of brown. These examples of fashionable hiking gear -- or fashion inspired by hiking gear -- are here to prove that there's plenty of style inspiration to be found on the mountain slopes.

These hiking items range from extremely practical objects that have been given a stylish twist to high fashion collections that take their style cues from the lumberjack look. For example, the X Stream Survival Kit takes very necessary emergency items and packages them in an elegant rope-wrapped pod. Dish Performance Denim makes stretchy jeans that can easily be worn as hiking gear. On the other hand, THETHING's Fall/Winter collection takes classic camping outfits, like down vests and leather hiking boots, and transforms them into modern runway styles.