These Teva Sandals are Decorated in Shimmering Swarovski Crystals

These bedazzled Swarovski Teva sandals are a glamorous version of a shoe that's better known for comfort than style.

Teva sandals are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The flat-soled, comfort-prioritizing footwear is once again fashionable, appearing in outfits from summer sundresses to the eternally controversial socks and sandals look.

With these bedazzled Swarovski Tevas, hikers and pragmatic people can look feminine and dressed up without sacrificing the comfort and practicality of traditional Teva sandals. Best of all, the Teva sandals are DIY and personalized; they come in the form of a Swarovski kit of crystals and metallic materials that can be used to create endless decoration possibilities for Teva sandals.

This collaborative effort from Swarovski and Teva sandals will appeal to the crossover demographic of makers and those who subscribe to a hippy lifestyle that mainly eschews high fashion in favor of less constricting yet still aesthetically pleasing apparel.