Creative Design's Printed Cloth Map is a Lookalike of Mt. Fuji

This printed cloth map kills two birds with one stone—when on a hike, it will keep you sweat-free and on course. The Handkerchief Map by Creative Design is printed to look just like Japan's iconic Mt. Fuji at two different scales. Unlike cotton or silk handkerchiefs, this one is fast-drying, which comes from being crafted of microfiber. As well, it's way easier to fold up and scrunch in your pocket than a regular paper map, plus there's no worry about water damage.

In August, Creative Design has plans to release two more printed microfiber map designs that look like Mt. Takao and the Jimba trail, as well as Mt. Mitake in Okutama. Each hanky retails for about $20 and they would make pretty novel gifts for those who love to be outdoors.