From Sting-Proof Mesh Wear to Haute Hiking Boots

 - Jul 22, 2015
These examples of high-performance hiking apparel prove that you can still look stylish while traipsing through the wilderness. Whether you are a hiking novice or a seasoned veteran, this durable hiking gear will keep you clean and comfortable all day long.

Regardless of the environment, nearly all hikers need a good backpack. Even if you're only out for the day, a durable backpack is key for carrying vital items such as food, water and emergency supplies. Some high-performance hiking backpacks include smart features such as solar panels, compartmentalized interiors and waterproof covers.

Beyond a backpack, hikers must always ensure that the clothing they are wearing is comfortable and functional. Hikers need to be prepared for all kinds of weather, which means that hiking clothes need to be designed for some of the harshest environments. Some examples of innovative hiking apparel includes sting-proof mesh wear, camouflaged layers, warm wool outerwear and even durable denim jeans.