The New 'Solar Backpack' Features a Handy Eco-Friendly Charging Panel

The new 'Solar Backpack' is the perfect solution for all of your eco-friendly charging needs. The stylish green bag features a built-in solar-panel that helps you charge nearly any mobile device as you go about your day.

The Solar Backpack works by absorbing solar energy through the six-watt solar panel affixed to the exterior of the bag. With its efficient design, the solar panel is capable of charging nearly any Android smartphone or tablet device. The inside of the bag also features a small mesh pocket, which helps to prevent your devices from moving around as your carry the bag. Not only is the backpack an eco-friendly charging solution, but it is also features a water-resistant external layer for maximum durability.

The sleek design and high-tech capabilities of the Solar Backpack make it the perfect accessory for everything from camping to hiking or even music festivals.