This Leather Backpack Works on Both Sides the Same Way

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
Leather backpacks are amazing because they provide the style of having a leather accessory, but the functionality of a backpack. This particular bag, named the 2Face backpack, works on both sides and comes with different compartments and perks with each side.

Sometimes, having a standard backpack isn't enough. In cases like that, it would be a definite bonus to have a backpack that served two purposes: the 2Face backpack is that bag. The entire bag is made of leather (varying kinds, depending on the bag), including the often forgotten straps.

The two sides don't only serve a different functional purpose, they also serve a different stylistic purpose. One of the sides is a more casual look, while the other is a more formal one.