The LeTone Bandages Shark Campaign Gets Serious About Scratches

 - May 14, 2011
References: jungle8 & adsoftheworld
Society understands these large predatory fish with violent behavior, so it's comical to see their treatment in this LeTone Bandages Shark campaign. The print advertises this brand's heardwearing single packaged dressing, placing it on a feared oceanic creature that would undoubtedly receive serious lacerations on a semi-regular basis.

Perhaps this great white has just withdrawn from a confrontation with another of his kind, or perhaps some feisty prey was able to inflict an injury. Whatever the cause, the animal is quite pathetically sporting a beige band-aid across his gills, and the punchline behind this Brand 8 ad is the stick-on's ability to stay fixed even in the water. The LeTone Bandages Shark campaign succeeds at offering an unusual image, attracting inquisitive attention and delivering a non-threatening dose of humor.