From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp

 - Feb 17, 2015
Metrosexuality isn't just a fun-sounding portmanteau, but has come to describe a look, a lifestyle and a perspective on life that is changing the society's perceptions and expectations of the male gender.

Unsurprisingly, the phenomenon of metrosexuality has fed into numerous worlds including art, design and fashion, both because of the way metrosexually inclined people create things and see the world, and also because of the alteration of traditionally masculine depictions to make them more effeminate or metrosexual.

Oddly enough, as metrosexuality has evolved it has become increasingly mainstream. This has led to an interesting depiction of males that are excessively and exaggeratedly masculine, to the extent that mustaches and beards -- once a symbol of masculinity -- are now increasingly being seen as appealing and fashionable.

Metrosexuality has been a game-changer in the realms of advertising and marketing. The marketing of male-oriented products can no longer just rely on portrayals of overt masculinity as in those old-school Marlboro cigarette ads. The gender roles of men are changing, so the manner in which male attention is to be captured has also followed suit.