Rough is the New Metrosexual

 - Nov 8, 2007
References: frenchtruckers & online.wsj
The world of rugby is giving fashion a big, sweaty embrace!

Although one of the world's roughest and most unglamorous sport, rugby is beginning to attract leading fashion brands towards its rugged, bloody image, using it as a great marketing tool for a different segment of male consumers.

European fashions houses are experimenting on grooming the most unkempt man of this bloodied sport to promote their products. Fashion labels are shifting their gaze from the metrosexuals to the rougher men.

One of the big names that has groomed rugby players to fashion is Giorgio Armani; he designed the off-field formal attire of the Australian rugby team. Armani also casted Mauro and Mirco Bergamasco of Italy to pose shirtless for its Emporio Armani eyewear ad.

Suitmaker Lebole, owned by Valentino Fashion Group, designed off-field uniforms for the Italian national rugby team. Lebole also casted players from the team to model its suit in its 2007 ad campaign.

Colette, an exclusive Parisian fashion boutique, carries Polo Ralph Lauren's rugby label. There's also Eden Park, a high-end rugby themed apparel line with a line of skin creams for men.