From Fairy Tale Fashions to Simplistic Spring Styles

 - Jan 13, 2011   Updated: Mar 21 2011
When Garavani Valentino opened the first fashion house in 1965, it was inevitable that the brand would explode through the countless Valentino editorials that followed. These pictorials pay homage to the classic couturier, exuding luxury and lavish.

From embellished party dresses to reptile print coats, these Valentino editorials have transformed fashion into wonderful works of art.

Implications - Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani is best known simply as Valentino. Born in 1932, this epic designer has made his mark on fashion for the last 46 years and it shows in the vast array of buzz he's created, his sold-out fashion shows and his innovative and ever-evolving eye for design.

Responsible for lines such as Valentino, Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani and R.E.D. Valentino, this designer has shaped the fashion industry in a way that new designers only dream of.