Nivea Targets Metrosexuals

 - Nov 3, 2007
References: & adverblog
In the Netherlands, Nivea's latest beauty campaign features a viral ad campaign geared at metrosexuals. The advergame involves a competition set in a virtual (you guessed it) metro station.

"Stop the Metro, Man," is a game "for men only" that involves interacting in a virtual subway station with the very basic goal of getting the train to come to a halt right in front of the station by controlling the locomotive's break. Users have to register their name and email address to play the first round, but to participate further, must invite friends for each additional round.

Sound boring? I would play, but don't understand Dutch, but apparently, the game must have appeal: on the first day alone, the game was played 30,000 times.

Nivea, known for its beauty and skincare lines, is hoping to bring brand awareness to Dutch men who value investing in their appearance.

Using my German as a base for decoding, I think the site offers winners a trip to New York for three friends valued at 8,000 euros. The lucky winners will probably be able to load up on Nivea self-tanning lotions, hair products and beautifying creams before they hit up the boutiques of Manhattan for a metrosexual shopping spree!