Sunday Blues by Christopher Phillips Features an Impossibly Pretty Man

When I first set eyes on Sunday Blues by Christopher Phillips, I was sure I was pondering the delicate depth of a woman's ocean blue eyes; but alas, the subject of these stunning spreads is none other than the divine Cooper Thompson.

Styling by Joannie Ricketts has ensured that the exquisite facial features of the prepossessing male model stand out in their fair fragility. The subject is framed with his porcelain skin, white-blonde ringlets and sapphire eyes, exuding an effeminate beauty that transcends gender. Diaphanous fabrics are draped over his graceful form, completing the picture of photographic finesse.

The March/April 2011 #11 issue of Deluxx Digital Magazine exposes these elegant images, reinforcing the contemporary interest in androgynous fashion photography.