- Jul 8, 2014
Rugged hipster portraits and contemporary lumberjack captures are just some of these popular and fully groomed bearded fashion finds. These editorials, ad campaigns and catalogs pay homage to the rugged and manly looks of our past and are modeled by some of our generation's top talents.

Full beards are back in a big way and are taking the world of fashion by storm. From hipster beard implants to manly man marketing, a once-unkempt aesthetic is now the new norm.

These bearded fashion finds embrace facial hair in all of its glory and consider full-haired looks to be dapper and distinguished rather than messy and old-fashioned. These bearded facial hair looks are definitive of today's gentleman aesthetic and are a symbol of timeless sophistication.

From Grizzly Man Editorials to Luxe Lumberjack Runways: