The Seguridad Fashion Story for El Palacio de Hierro is Debonair

Top model Wouter Peelen poses for the pages of fashion publication El Palacio de Hierro in this sophisticated, woodside editorial. The model is lensed by photographer Dean Isidro for the publication's "Seguridad" fashion story that highlights a wardrobe of elegantly suited styles.

Grooming for the photoshoot is courtesy of Moiz who works alongside the photoshoot's creative team to transform Wouter into a modern day gentleman. Wouter poses amidst an outdoor setting that is adorned with a greenery backdrop and a mountainous topography.

Instead of hiking gear, the model dons impeccably tailored suits, sporty polos and lightweight knits for El Palacio de Hierro's latest issue. This debonair editorial highlights classically sophisticated menswear looks that are translated for a modern generation of style enthusiasts.