- Jul 17, 2015
The recent popularity of althleisure and sports-inspired garments has brought about an increase in fashion-forward athletic editorials. In recent years, athleticwear has made the transition from gym-specific clothing to everyday apparel. Magazines have reflected this shift towards gym-to-street clothing with their own take on sport-inspired editorials.

With the rise in sporty editorials has come a specific focus on female athleticism. Rather than consistently depicting women in dainty and ultra-feminine pieces, fashion editorials have begun to showcase women wearing strong and edgy outfits. These fashion-forward athletic editorials feature women performing all kinds of professional sports, including boxing, basketball and even bodybuilding.

Beyond highlighting professional athletic achievements, many of these editorials also demonstrate how fashion plays a role in everyday exercise. For example, some of these athletic editorials combine elegant dresses with sport-specific sneakers. Other editorials put a high-fashion twist on traditional gym wear, such as sweatpants, sports bras and jerseys.

From Haute Hiker Editorials to Alpine-Inspired Editorials: