Slanted Jean Zippers for Men

 - Jun 25, 2008
Ignore where the finger is pointing in the photo -- I'm not going to talk about the guy's genitals... at least not directly.

A unique, slanted, frontal zipper sets these men's jeans apart from all the rest. The pants look trendy, stylish and worthy of the most fashionable metrosexual.

But from a practical standpoint, does a front zipper set at an angle make sense for a man? I'm a chick and I don't have to worry about my jeans having enough space in that area to accommodate, well, you know. I'm also not concerned when I'm in the local dive and after five beers, mother nature yells and I need to go immediately, if not sooner.

That slanted zipper could put a dude in an awkward situation is what I'm trying to say.

From the standpoint of fashion and style, I love the slanted zipper; however, I really believe it is impractical.