Rad by Rad Hourani Spring/Summer 2012 Blurs Gender Roles

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: fuckingyoung.es & fuckingyoung.es
The new Rad by Rad Hourani Spring/Summer 2012 collection is postmodern and futuristic, and filled with androgynous designs provided for the designer's vision of the upcoming spring season. Known for his line on unisex fashions, this collection from Rad Hourani melds masculine and feminine details into single garments to provide for luxuriously sophisticated gender-neutral pieces.

Adding touches of blue and lighter blue denim to his otherwise signature monochromatic style, this new offering from the designer is bold and flamboyant, yet wearable. Structural cuts, directional lines and boxier fits are all key elements of this collection, as the designer plays with shape and form to obscure gender identifiers in the wearer’s body. So if you’re hoping to embrace some of the future today, the Rad by Rad Hourani Spring/Summer 2012 line can make this desire a reality.