Gender Blending, Metrosexuality And Everything In Between

 - Feb 24, 2007   Updated: May 9 2011
References: nowtoronto
Gender blending, metrosexuality and everything in between have become very hot trends in our era. Transexuality, previously a taboo topic in the civilized world, is quickly becoming a sought after anomaly.

With TV portraying even preteens with counter-gender leanings, it makes one wonder what's in store for future generations as all boundaries are lost, lines are blurred and anti-gender mindsets are embraced.

Implications - A transsexual activist named Mirha Soleil-Ross states that the idea of being transsexual has "come to mean anyone who is doing anything with gender that isn’t traditional. It’s very ‘cutting-edge’ and cool right now." Never before has society been so understanding of different types of people. The Western world is definitely on its way to accepting everyone as equals.