From Offbeat Beauty Contests to Jessica Rabbit Cross-Dressers

 - Jan 17, 2011   Updated: May 26 2011
The oh-so fascinating drag queen collection is here! With sparkles, make-up and tight undies, these pictures and videos show everything from the intimate human side of cross-dressing, to the awesomely adorned night life. Drag queen culture is something so unique, it will take your breath away

My personal drag queen favorites include 'Cross-Dressing Fashion Icons,' 'High Heel Studtography' and 'Transgendered Tribal Shoots.'

Implications - Well-known figures like Lady Gaga have changed the standards on what it means to dress according to your gender. Androgynous fashion has inspired people to rethink their own style in order to themselves as a new personality. Even though this may not be a look that the masses can associate with, there are consumers who have been waiting for a chance to dress in a more masculine/feminine fashion so that they don't have to conform to societal ideals.