Mexico's 'Lucha Libre' Troupe

 - Dec 5, 2008   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: thelondonpaper & galleries.thelondonpaper
A group of cross-dressing wrestlers from Mexico called 'Lucha Libre' will be performing in England this month.

The exotic performers represent vintage Mexican wrestling with the colorful and creative masks--which are supposed to disguise the fighters' identities--the tights and the complex theatrical maneuvers performed.

The masked Cross-Dressing 'Lucha Libre' troupe will perform at the Roundhouse in Camden this month.

Implications - The modern day consumer is always on the lookout for something that breaks the norm, and distracts them (however temporarily) from the realities of a busy world fraught with things to worry about. Trends such as this one offer a silly but welcome respite from reality, and that is something many consumers will appreciate all too greatly.