- Oct 11, 2013
When it comes to catching a viewer's attention, going outside the bounds of what is socially acceptable is often necessary to make an impression, and these scandalous ad techniques are definitely making a statement with their bold and often sensual themes.

With the amount of advertisements that people see both on television and outdoors, messages and commercials are easily forgotten and dismissed. That's why opting to create an ad with shockingly outrageous aspects such as over-sexualized images and revealing poses can serve as a unique element to draw in new consumers. From suggestive alcohol ads to steamy denim prints, these scandalous ad techniques are sure to leave viewers shocked by the use of strong sexual themes.

Whether you agree with these risque marketing tactics or not, there's no denying that these scandalous techniques are aspects that will surely grab your attention.

From Sultry Shoe Lookbooks to Pantless Footwear Ads: