The Nando's Little Hotties Ads are Sassy

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: & adrants
The Nando's Little Hotties ad campaign relies heavily on the common adage, 'Sex sells.' Known for their risque approach to advertising, Nando's newest campaign falls right in line with their previous ones. Actually, it almost surpassed the past when it entered the radar of Australia's Advertising Standards Authority because it had received a fair amount of complaints.

Essentially, the Nando's Little Hotties ad campaign revolves around a burlesque performer/server whose sensual image is accompanied by this particularly dubious copy, "Tight buns. Great breasts. And oh so saucy. These little hotties have got it all." Is it referring to the woman or the burgers? Of course, it is referring to both.

Nando's Marketing Director Kim Russel defended the campaign saying the work was meant to be "sassy not sexy."