From Organic Fast Food Campaigns to Romantic Burger Ads

 - Oct 10, 2013
Fast food chains are constantly competing against each other to draw in new consumers, and these clever fast food commercials are some prime examples of the creative lengths marketers are going in order to surpass their competitors.

With the variety of burger joints and pizza places available for patrons to choose from, marketing techniques and advertisements become a very influential factor for consumers. And these clever commercials are showcasing how marketers are going outside-the-box to attract consumers through humor, social media or simply straight-forward facts about where their food comes from.

Turning an ordinary 30-second commercial into a mini movie or humorous skit are just a few creative tactics that fast food companies are engaging in to stay ahead of the game. From police pizza raid ads to dystopic ethical farming ads, these clever fast food commercials will definitely have consumers glued to their screens.