KFC Original Recipe Bites Are a Contender to McDonald's McBites

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: businesswire & brandchannel
Earlier this year McDonald's re-released its chicken McBites with a spicier taste, and now fast food chicken giant KFC is launching its own KFC Original Recipe Bites in an attempt to steal some market share in the bite-sized-poultry-snack category.

The KFC Original Recipe Bites are made with 100 percent chicken breast meat, and the company's CMO Jason Marker predicts it will be "a hit with adults as well as kids." To promote the new menu item, the company is rolling out a nationwide campaign that includes a TV spot, shown here. In the ad, a guy who looks to be way to old to be living in his parent's basement introduces the KFC Bites to his mom and pop, both of whom love them so much that they stop pushing their son to move out.

According to the commercial, the KFC Original Recipe Bites will be available in a six-piece combo that includes a side dish and beverage, all for only $3.99.