- Oct 3, 2014
These bite-sized snacks show good things really do come in small packages. If you are looking for a mini meal when you aren't very hungry, something to bring to a party or munchies for guests at an event, these food items can mostly be eaten in one bite.

These bite-sized snacks can be divided into two camps: the sweet and the savory. The tiny treats are typically diminutive desserts that are simply smaller versions of existing confections, like cake pops. This includes apple-shaped cookies, compact sprinkled snacks and bite-sized pumpkin pies. On the savory side there are dippables such as fried pickled mushrooms, bacon-wrapped potato bites and bite-sized poultry snacks. Many of these also fit on a stick, such as spicy waffle sandwiches and tooth fairy-inspired treats.

From Crispy Zucchini Bites to Miniature Nature-Inspired Desserts: