This Baking Recipe Turns the Traditional Cinnamon Bun Pastry into a Cookie

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: bakerella & bakerella
Baking blogger extraordinaire Bakerella created this delicious cinnamon bun baking recipe that turns the delicious pastries into yummy bite-sized cookies. Known as Cinna-Mini Cookie Bites, these yummy confectionaries are a great miniature version of the larger sweet buns.

To make these Cinna-Mini Cookie Bite all you need to do is follow Bakerella's recipe that converts a traditional cinnamon bun pastry dough into a sugar cookie dough. This will give the cookies the same cinnamon bun flavor but on a much smaller and denser scale. Then you can roll the cookie dough out and fill it with cinnamon and sugar just like a traditional cinnamon bun. Slice the dough into circular rounds, bake in the oven and glaze with vanilla icing.