From Beachy Iced Biscuits to Sensual Newlywed Nibbles

 - Jun 7, 2015
Scrumptious cookie snacks aim to satisfy all cravings. Whether traditional or utterly bizarre, these creative confections are rather delicious.

Sugar cookies with great execution are the most photo-worthy snacks. Such cookies as creepy crawly confections and thawing winter treats look even more appetizing in holiday pictures. Healthy confections like exotic quinoa cookies combine foreign flavors with more health benefits than the traditional chocolate chip. Cookie hybrids are also a tasty treat to try. Miniature cookie sandwiches and bold hybrid biscuits bond the best of both worlds for a fusion of exciting flavors.

Other examples of scrumptious cookie snacks are the vast category of dairy-free options. Fork and Bean's sprinkle cookie provides a traditional aesthetic with all inclusive ingredients.