These Cookies Vary the Percentage of Ingredients Made with Insects

 - Jul 6, 2013
References: giuliatacchini &
The 'Insectida' cookies are made with insects. The collaboration between Brian Sironi and Giulia Tacchini challenges consumers to step out of their comfort zones and try a biscuit made with cricket flour.

Each of the round cookies is imprinted with a number indicating the percentage of cricket flour used in the recipe. For daring individuals a cookie made with 70% cricket flour might be exciting to try. For those who are a little more wary about the strange biscuits, a cookie stamped with a number 10 would be a better route to go.

Many Asian countries enjoy insects as delicacies and this approach could gradually introduce eating insects to Western culture, especially if consumers have control over the amount of insects they are consuming at a time.