From Fried Tempura Tarantulas to Buggy Sweet Treats

 - Nov 17, 2014
Insect-infused foods are a variety of eats and treats that contain bugs and insects of different kinds. What do sushi, ice cream, tempura, protein powders and cookies have in common? Turns out all of them can be made by incorporating real insect parts.

Many people think the idea of eating insects is gross, but the fact is insects are plentiful and nutritious thanks to their high protein content; moreover, people who have sampled them say they actually taste good. It has been said that insect consumption could go a long way towards reducing global food shortages, so don't be surprised if the negative perception towards insect consumption changes over time.

These insect snacks and meals show that insects can be incorporated into all kinds of foods, from gourmet dinners to street eats.