Peter Yung Sells Insect Sushi that is Unrecognizably Buggy

 - May 8, 2014
References: howdoyouroll & prevention
Raw fish is not always at the top of peoples' favorite foods lists, but with the recent expansion of the sushi shops in North America it has become more tolerable, especially in the form of a yummy, tempura roll -- could people see insect sushi in the same way?

Texas-based sushi chef Peter Yung, of Austin’s How Do You Roll, is testing this theory and introducing edible insect sushi to his customers. This new kind of sushi called 'Spicy Insectopia Roll' is full of creepy crawlies: from mealworms to crickets.

However, according to taste tester Mandy of Prevention Magazine, you would never know that there are bugs in the roll based on your tastebuds alone. The rolls are made by frying up crickets in sesame oil and teriyaki, and rolled with seaweed, cucumber and jalapeño, topped with a trio of delectable sauce.