Insect Cookbook Gains Attention as Bizarre Sustainability Solution

 - Apr 20, 2012
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Though insect-inspired cupcakes are no new idea, a more literal interpretation of this pattern is making headlines. The Insect Cookbook, which was published this week, is written in Dutch and incorporates bugs into each of its "protein-rich" recipes. One of the recipes gaining a lot of press is the ‘Mealworm Cupcakes,’ where the insects are cooked into the batter and used as a garnish.

Though difficult to swallow for many, these recipes are released with good intentions and a surprising amount of research has gone into the project. Developed to help meet the rising needs of a market that relies on an unsustainable amount of livestock, the Insect Cookbook targets those looking to get protein in their diet while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. In fact, a professor of the University of Wageningen stated that the greenhouse gas emissions from the processing and eating of insects are approximately 100 times lower than the production of pigs.

The Insect Cookbook sheds light on an interesting solution to the problem of agriculture as we know it, but in the process poses a new question: is the ‘ick’ factor too much for most people to stomach?