This Cricket Farm is Bringing Insects to the Table

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: sixfoods & psfk
Cricket farms are very real things, cultivating the insect to be made into foods and snacks later on. It's not commonplace to eat insects in North America, but in other countries it's not as strange as it seems. Boston start-up Six Foods is trying to get rid of the stigma associated with eating bugs, by creating insect infused foods.

Their main food is a style of cricket chips. As gross as it sounds, it's incredibly healthy. The chips are gluten-free, they feature considerably less fat than the average chip brands and are filled with protein, a staple for cricket-based foods.

Of course just because it's healthy doesn't mean it can't be tasty as well. Their cookies and chips will still have sugar and salts and come in different flavors just like the average brands.